Get your early bird tickets they sell out!

The upcoming event hosted at MC internet cafe @ 41  A’Beckett Street  Melbourne 10am-9pm 15th and 16th of July.

15th of July is our 0.5 event – Competitively Entertaining – a completely new way to game!

Our first event follows a brand new action-packed format. Competitors will participate in more than 20 scheduled rounds across 8 games, earning points in each. At the end of the event, points are tallied to crown the ITZ Champion, Melbourne’s best all round gamer. We also have a “squad” or team system that keeps track of you and your friend’s scores so you can all work together to earn points. So we can throw even more prizes at your face, Tickets are limited so get in quick!

16th of July PUBG Event is PUBG non-stop all day. 64 people with a custom private server! Imagine being in the top ten and they are all in the same room you are. You will be hearing your heart trying to beat through your chest as the adrenaline keeps climbing while you’re competing for hundreds of dollars in prizes. Get your ticket now as they will be gone in no time!



0.5 Event coming 15-16/06/17

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0.5 Event coming 15-16/06/17