ITZ Gaming – 0.5 Event Registration




No need to bring your own equipment we got you covered!

We regret to announce that the ITZ 0.5 Tournament has had to be officially postponed for now due to a number of last-minute unfortunate incidents. Over 40 registered players have been affected leading us to make this difficult decision. We apologise for any inconvenience, however, we will still be hosting non-tournament gaming at the same venue 41 A’Beckett Street as planned and encourage all players to attend and compete in a modified format for all games. We will be open from 10am till 6pm for gaming and look forward to seeing you! Did we mention it was free? Come along and enjoy yourself!
Stay tuned for the new tournament dates.




0.5 event is hosted at 41 A’Beckett Street Melbourne MC Internet Cafe, starting at 10 am until 9 pm and on the 15th of July

15th of  July is brought to you by ITZ Gaming – Competitively Entertaining – a completely new way to game!

Our first event follows a brand new action-packed format. Competitors will participate in more than 20 scheduled rounds across 8 games, earning points in each. At the end of the event, points are tallied to crown the ITZ Champion, Melbourne’s best all round gamer. We also have a “squad” or team system that keeps track of you and your friend’s scores so you can all work together to earn points. So we can throw even more prizes at your face!

With well over $2000 in cash and prizes for winners and also supporting roles such as Best squad, best frag and most enthusiastic spectator just to name a few.

Bring a friend or 3 and be a part of our squad points system and work together to be the squad champions! If you don’t have people to come along with we will be making squads on the day.

PUBG has been changed to an online event starting at 7 pm. Up to 100 people with a custom private server! Get your ticket now as they will be gone in no time as they are free!

A copy of PUBG is not provided. You will need to own a copy on your Steam account to play.

What you get for the 0.5 Ticket:

Use of a computer, mouse, headset, keyboard, for all events and a guaranteed minimum game time:

  • 2 CS:GO Arms Race matches
  • 5 games of Dota 2 1v1 or LoL 1v1 (these 2 games have 32 Player limits so get there early to sign up)
  • 3 Unreal Tournament FFA Rounds
  • 3 Flatout 2 races
  • 2 endurance Warsow Instagib matches
  • 3 rounds of Soldat
  • 1 time trial in Trackmania
  • 2 Doom 2 zdamon FFA

What to bring:

  • Extra money for food and drinks available at the venue
  • A good attitude
  • Any of mousepad, keyboard, mouse, headset or controller if you want to use your own gear. (Everything you need is provided)
  • A Steam account, If you wish to play in these games you will need to own them CS:GO, Flatout 2 and for the 16th PUBG.

What not to bring:

  • Alcohol and any other non-prescription drugs
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Laptops or computers
  • Speakers

Additional information


ITZ 0.5 Event July 15th, PUBG online July 16th, Both Events


CS:GO Arms Race
Dota 2 1v1 or LoL 1v1
Unreal Tournament FFA
Flatout 2
Warsow Instagib
Doom 2 zdamon FFA


41 A'Beckett Street Melbourne
MC Internet Cafe