Our Team

Meet the Team

Justin Tate

managing director

Justin is the driving force of our team, he has been a professional gamer and has hundreds of tournament wins over his career. Exceptionally skilled in hosting events, hosting events for over 10 years. He also has become a Twitch.tv streaming partner due to downtime over COVID so he could keep entertaining gamers.
He is determined to help esports and the gaming industry grow by holding the most competitively entertaining live events in Australia.

Chris Holman


The best of the best when it comes to networks and servers, Chris could run a network in his sleep! With more experience than just about anyone in live gaming networks, he is the backbone of any event.

Rory Clare


The FUN finder! Rory knows how to make any game entertaining, he is a pro at keeping our community smiling and laughing! Oh and he can fix just about any technical problem you might have.

Tori Tate


New to the esports community but not to event coordinating, Tori has several years of experience with planning and executing events as well as graphic designing on the side.

Blake Zemunik


Young and enthusiastic gamer who has recently started to dabble in gaming journalism and event hosting for esports events.

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