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Gaming Tournaments

Play in the most competitively entertaining way at ITZ LAN

Our aim is to bring out players competitiveness to create a more entertaining environment that is both fun to play while being great to watch, along with growing the esports and casual community in Australia.

ITZ Twitch.tv Battle

Who is Australia’s best twitch streamer!?!?

Watch the best twitch streamers playing in fun, silly and entertaining games!
Cheer on your favourite streamers and win prizes!

Esports Educational Summit

Want to learn what it takes to get a job in gaming/esports?

Listen to current full-time streamers about what it takes to be a full-time streamer.  Esports PRO, salaried pros explain what is expected of current pros and up and coming players.
How to get sponsors?
Q and A’s after every talk so you can get the most from every talk!